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SARDAA’s team photos were taken by Jim Dobie (Jim Dobie Photography) in December of 2015 in the foyer of the University of Alberta’s Dentistry/Pharmacy Centre. Our thanks to the University of Alberta’s Facilities and Operations for the courtesy they have extended to us in making the Dentistry/Pharmacy Center available for our training purposes while they work on renovations. The opportunity to train in this building has given our teams the chance to build on their skill sets. Pictured are the Active Team dogs in 2015. Pictured top row – Jaida, Che, Parquetta, BB, Gotta; middle row – Vi, Tyndre, Gavin ; front row – Jake, Zane, Aussie.



Established in 1989, SARDAA is a volunteer, non-profit group of dogs and handlers who serve the community in times of emergency or disaster. SARDAA is a registered charitable organization.

Only Police and Fire Agency Emergency Calls Accepted
24 hour phone: 780-405-6084

Sorry, we DO NOT search for missing pets.

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Read the latest SARDAA Newsletter!