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Search and Rescue Dog Association of Alberta ®

"Since 1989, a volunteer, non-profit group of dogs and handlers who serve the community in times of emergency or disaster"
(A Registered Charitable Organization)

"Only Police and Fire Agency Emergency Calls Accepted"

24 hour phone: 780-405-6084


We DO NOT search for missing pets.

Last on 29 March, 2015

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Celebrating 25 years of commitment to SAR efforts, 1989-2014

Download and read "UNFOLDING OUR 25-YEAR HISTORY"

Describes the general function of Search and Rescue Dogs

History, capabilities, membership, funding and newsletter info

Educational information - Updated 2013 Standards, SARDAA SOP's and Personnel Handbook (January 2014)

SARDAA-sponsored seminars and Fund Raising activities

SARDAA Executive list and Website Links

"Working with a Search Dog Team"

"Membership Campaign"

** Please Note - SARDAA is not able to accept the donation of any dogs into our training program. **

Our most recent newsletter, volume 25 - #1, March 2015 in Adobe ® PDF format, can be read by clicking on the Scent Dog News banner below.

Previous issues:

Scent Dog, Sept-Dec 2014

Scent Dog, June 2014

Scent Dog, March 2014


for Scent Dog handlers from Ray the Beagle! Everything he says is true.

Write to SARDAA ® Secretary, Michelle Limoges,, who invites your questions or comments.

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