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Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in K9 SAR

SARDAA Team photograph taken May 12, 2019. People (left to right) – Mary Ann, Michelle, Jenna, Davan, Jenna, Dave, Carlene, Zara, Cara, Mark, Cathy and Lisa. Dogs pictured (left to right) – Ivy, Yoyo, Parquetta, Jake, Twang, Sohke, Che, Cinder, Shado, Beaker, Zane, Vi and Zero.

Unavailable for the photo that day – Kate and Jenga, Mike and Kaya, Kerrie, Kim and Remy, Paula and BB, Sam, Steve and Zoeker, Ron, Anita, Mitch, Dawn, Jennifer and Tango, Lucy and Molly, Candace and Meighan.

Established in 1989, SARDAA is a volunteer, non-profit group of dogs and handlers who serve the community in times of emergency or disaster. SARDAA is a registered charitable organization.

Only Police and Fire Agency Emergency Calls Accepted
24 hour phone: 780-405-6084

Sorry, we DO NOT search for missing pets.

Click to Read the Latest SARDAA Newsletter!

Read the latest SARDAA Newsletter!