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Fast Facts

  • SARDAA is the only registered western Canadian dog team to have water search capabilities

  • SARDAA aided in the development of the first RCMP search dog standard

  • The training process to certifications takes about 2 years, and 2,000 hours of training time

  • K-9 Handlers may spend on average $30,000 on upkeep, care and training of their SAR dog

  • SAR dogs can work 6-8 hours a day with breaks

  • Ideally pups begin training at 8 weeks; 10 year working life

  • Dogs can cover an acre of light bush and trees in 20 minutes, day or night

  • Dogs can easily locate bullet casings in short grass or blood platter in a vehicle or a body in 30 feet of water

  • SAR dogs help bring closure to families of victims

  • SAR dog teams are on call for police agencies 24/7

  • SAR dogs love the Game!